Talking about the basic mechanism of action of antioxidants

2019-05-17 10:46

Ideal antioxidants

The ideal antioxidant should have the following conditions: 1 should have high antioxidant capacity: 2 good compatibility with the resin, no precipitation; 3 good processing performance. non-volatile at the processing temperature of the polymer, does not decompose; 4 Good resistance to extraction, insoluble in water and oil; 5 itself is preferably colorless or light color. It does not pollute the product; 6 is non-toxic or low-toxic; 7 is inexpensive.

In fact, any kind of antioxidant can not fully meet these conditions. Therefore, in actual use, according to the type, use and processing method of engineering plastics, the length of various additives is used together to produce synergistic effects.

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