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Zibo Wanke Chemical Co.,Ltd,


Zibo Wanke Chemical Co.,Ltd,

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What are the requirements for the performance of plastic antioxidants?
Antioxidant is one of the additives commonly used in plastic materials. When it is only present in a small amount in plastics, it can delay or inhibit the action of oxygen, ozone, etc.
Environmental information disclosure
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2019-05-17 10:49
HCl is absorbed by the tertiary hydrochloric acid absorption tower and then produced as a by-product hydrochloric acid for export, and a small amount of HCl, chlorine gas, ammonia gas and the like are discharged by the chemical odor absorption device.
Zibo Wanke Chemical Co., Ltd. Antioxidant 300 obtained EU REACH official registration
Zibo Wanke Chemical Co., Ltd. has obtained the official registration of REACH in the EU, laying a solid foundation for the antioxidant 300 (antioxidant 300) to enter the EU market.
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