Environmental information disclosure

2019-05-17 10:49

Basic information

Name of the company: Zibo Vanke Chemical Co., Ltd.

Organization code: 73377852-6

Legal representative: Cui Huasong

Production address: Guoli Town, Huantai County, Zibo City, Shandong Province

Contact: 0533-8401300

Main raw materials: sulfur, chlorine, ammonia, solvent oil, six special

Main product and design scale: 2000 tons / a antioxidant

Sewage information

Main pollutants: HCl, a small amount of ammonia, chlorine and equipment smells leaking from static sealing points

Discharge method: HCl is absorbed by the tertiary hydrochloric acid absorption tower and then produced as a by-product hydrochloric acid for export, and a small amount of HCl, chlorine gas, ammonia gas and the like are discharged by the chemical odor absorption device.

Number and distribution of discharge ports: Three exhaust gas discharge pipes are distributed in the northern part of the plant.

Pollutant discharge concentration: HCl gas boundary concentration 0.11mg/m3, 1# exhaust fan: HCl gas 6mg/Nm 3 chlorine gas 0.3mg/Nm3, 2# exhaust fan: HCl gas 9.6mg/Nm3 chlorine gas 0.4mg/Nm3 Other gases such as ammonia were not detected (this result is the monitoring result of the Zibo Environmental Monitoring Station in January 2014).

Pollutant discharge standards: HCl gas and chlorine gas comply with the "Integrated Emission Standard for Air Pollutants" (GB16297-1996), and ammonia gas meets the "Emission Standard for Odor Pollutants" (GB14554-93)

The total amount of pollutants discharged: 0.332t/a for HCl gas and 0.014t/a for chlorine gas. The normal state of ammonia is closed storage and minimal leakage.

three. Prevention of the construction and operation of pollution facilities: a set of domestic sewage and pre-rainwater treatment equipment, three sets of chemical odor collection and installation, all facilities are in good condition and operate normally.

four. Environmental protection procedures for construction projects: The company's construction projects strictly implement the “three simultaneous” environmental protection system, and the procedures are complete.

Fives. The Emergency Response Plan for Environmental Emergencies was compiled on August 8, 2012.

Add:No. 35, Jurong East Road, Guoli Economic Development Zone, Huantai County, Zibo City, Shandong Province

Zip Code:256400

Contact:Haina Zhou

Contact:Ying Ding / Ke Xing


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