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Do you know rubber accelerators?

Do you know rubber accelerators?

Industry News
2019/05/25 14:37
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The vulcanization mechanism of rubber is still different. This is because in the production process of rubber products, there are insoluble natural rubber samples and a large number of simultaneous reactions, making it difficult to vulcanize rubber molecules into complex polymer networks. The mechanism can be roughly divided into two types: free radical mechanism and ion mechanism. Researchers represented by Bacon and Famer et al. believe that the allylic resonance of the rubber makes it easy to replace the hydrogen on the adjacent methylene group of the double bond. Therefore, in the vulcanization process of rubber, the sulfur double radical scavenging hydrogen on the rubber a-methylene group is the beginning of the reaction. That is, the process of the reaction is a free radical process. Bateman et al. believe that the power supply of the double bond on the rubber causes the -SS- bond of S8 to break and decompose into ions, that is, the vulcanization process is an ion reaction process. So far, the more mature research is the vulcanization promoting mechanism of thiazole zinc salt and zinc dithiocarbamate.